Our main reason for visiting Malta (other than ticking off another European country) was for Craig to enter the Xterra Triathlon*, if we had checked the ferry prices before paying the entry fee for Xterra we… Continue reading


It may look like we travelled straight from Crete to Sicily but actually there was a gap in between and another detour back to the UK (this time for a friend’s wedding). We… Continue reading


After a 10 day trip back to the UK to celebrate christmas and catch up with our family and friends we took a slight detour from our European travels and set off to… Continue reading


Once we had returned from Kefalonia we headed straight for Athens, it was a week before our flight back to the UK for christmas so we found the campsite that we would be leaving… Continue reading


Kefalonia really is a beautiful place, the locals told us we were mad to visit in winter as it is so quiet but we loved it and it actually worked in our favour… Continue reading


So, with the bare minimum of scheduling (i.e. our plan for the year was ‘start in the north and head south for winter’), our arrival in Greece was timed perfectly. We were able… Continue reading


Hurrah! Back to the coast and back to warmer weather. We made it out of Tirane (capital of Albania and home to Europe’s craziest drivers) in one piece and drove to Pzar in… Continue reading



We were only in Pristina briefly but our favourite sight was the monument constructed to celebrate the independence of Kosovo from Serbia. Unveiled on the 17th February 2008 the sculpture was painted bright… Continue reading


Macedonia was a funny one, we took a wander into town once we arrived in Skopje and were initially impressed by the sights that met us in the centre of town. We assumed… Continue reading