We were really keen to visit more of the Balkan countries, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo etc but we knew it would be difficult to travel there in the motorhome. Our vehicle insurance didn’t cover… Continue reading

Croatia – part 2

Next stop was Split and it was nice to be somewhere ‘busy’ again – it is near the end of the season in Croatia so the campsites that are still open are very… Continue reading

Croatia – the first bit

Our first stop in Croatia was the Plitvice Lakes National Park, we’d seen photos of the lakes online and they looked stunning – unfortunately for us we arrived to a landscape obscured by… Continue reading




As we drove into Slovenia we didn’t know a great deal about the country other than what we’d read in our Europe guidebook (and to be honest, everywhere is fabulous according to the… Continue reading


Our visit to Austria was over two months ago as I write this and looking over the photos I am reminded of why this was one of our favourite countries. Not only is… Continue reading


Sorry Slovakia!

I feel we should apologise to the Slovakians for our extremely short foray into their country, looking back on it now I can’t really remember what made us skip through it so quickly… Continue reading