It may look like we travelled straight from Crete to Sicily but actually there was a gap in between and another detour back to the UK (this time for a friend’s wedding). We left momo and Leo in Athens (no we didn’t leave the dog in the motorhome, he was well looked after at a nearby kennels – and yes we did feel bad about it but he’s a tough cookie and was absolutely fine).

Fun at the wedding, thanks for the invite Mr and Mrs Thomas!


We then had a long ferry journey from Greece to Italy – it’s a 16 hour crossing and they didn’t have great dog facilities so we smuggled Leo into our cabin for the night. A few overnight stops through southern Italy, another ferry crossing (only 90 minutes this time) and we arrived in Sicily.

It is a fantastic place, we found the people were welcoming (to us and the dog), everyone was friendly and we found some beautiful scenery and great campsites. Overall we really loved our time here and would definitely visit again given the chance.

*warning* the following images contain pictures of Leo, lots of pictures of Leo in various places doing various things. I know this is a bit of an overdose but I have ‘new dog joy’, sorry!