Don’t give up the day job…

We’ve mentioned before that Sweden is expensive for beer and it turns out it is also expensive for haircuts, the prices we were given were all £40 and over – fairly standard for a ladies haircut but this was for Craig!

So, armed with a sharp(ish) pair of scissors, a freshly purchased comb and no knowledge of how to cut hair I embarked on my first attempt at hairdressing (after eliciting promises that I would not be held responsible should it all go hideously wrong)

Given that it looked like this to start with I was fairly confident…… 😉


That confidence was short-lived, it’s harder than it looks and it’s probably not best to giggle every time your ‘client/guinea pig’ asks how it’s going.


After a very hesitant start I got to grips with the back and sides and then I reached the front – how do you cut the fringe bit? Well, not by combing it down and cutting straight across as we found out, that is a big no-no. I can’t tell you how it looked as Craig’s description was not PC enough for a public blog so I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Finally, after some hasty snipping to try and rectify the fringe error we were left with what I would say is a pretty passable haircut……

IMG_0569At least Craig was still smiling…..