Midsummer mix up

We had two weeks on Gotland and the only plan was to be back in Visby for the Midsummer celebrations which we’d been told were the equivalent of New Years Eve for the Swedes. The town would be packed and it was promised to be a good night out. We toured the island for a week and arrived back in Visby on the 20th ready to drink and dance with the locals. As we walked through town we were surprised by how quiet it was and that most of the restaurants and bars were closed – how bizarre, it was supposed to be the busiest night of the year! After finally finding somewhere to eat we sat down and chatted to the waiter. ‘Oh yes, it is quiet tonight because everyone is at home spending time with their families, tomorrow everyone will be out celebrating and the town will be full’

We were a day early.

Nevermind we thought, tonight we’ll have a few quiet drinks and try again tomorrow. Our few drinks turned into quite a few drinks and after waking up feeling slightly grotty and more than a few quid out of pocket we decided our wallets couldn’t take another night of swedish priced celebrations and we stayed in the van and watched movies.

Happy Midsummer!