So we decided to visit the Ukraine, now this was a bit of a tricky decision given the current crisis and we did wonder if it was a bit insensitive to waltz in and out of a country that is going through such turmoil, but as we were only planning on visiting L’viv which is on the western side of the country and most of the trouble is on the eastern side we thought we’d give it a go.


Border control was a long and confusing experience getting papers stamped and visiting different rooms and booths for passport control, entry fees, customs etc. The momo home generated a lot of interest and although all the other vehicles had only one border guard searching the inside, we seemed to get all of them coming over to have a look.

We got a lot of attention driving through the towns and villages as well, it’s the first time I’ve felt really conspicuous and I did wonder if we were doing the right thing coming here. However, once we reached L’viv we were glad we did, it’s a lovely city. Maybe it was naive of us but we didn’t expect the place to be so busy and so full of tourists, we thought we’d be the only ones but as soon as we arrived we were hearing a mixture of european and american accents and the atmosphere was buzzing and vibrant. We hadn’t planned on staying overnight but we couldn’t leave after only a few hours so we found a place for momo and spent the evening exploring the old town. We may not a seen much of the Ukraine but the bit we did see really impressed us.